How to build a startup from scratch!

" The best way to predict the future is to create it." Peter Drucker

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The first and most complete startup course for entrepreneurs, with the latest strategies and business management tools, following the principles of the Silicon Valley.

  • Which strategies to use to create value for your startup?
  • How to develop a business model?
  • Which are the best management tools and techquiniques?
  • How to program sites or apps and improve conversion?
  • How to keep me ahead of competition?
  • Which are the best digital marketing strategies around
  • Is it possible to do what i want and being profitable?

Startup Master Course Program & Syllabus

Previously, to work for a Startup or found your own by yourself, person needed to learn by heart or needed to go to the Silicon Valley to learn. Now no longer need to leave home.

Prof. Lemos: " This is the course I wanted to do before creating my companies. Treat the idea that you have in your head and understand the urgency of it.."

Startup Master course is designed for you.It puts together in one program: strategic and visionary business management , the Lean Startup methodology, coding for entrepreneurs, management and digital marketing tools and use of innovation as a business strategy.

In the Startup School you will learn all to develop a business model that really works before losing time programming or writing a plan.

Target Audience:

We welcome to apply both individuals and companies with passionate teams to build a product or service startup company for the market..

Recommended Age: Students usually are between 17 and 117 years old. The average age of a student at Startup School is 28 years.

Our students generally are creative people, hard-working to build something, eager to solve problems and to earn their places in the sun.

Some of our students have very clear objectives from the moment they walk through our doors, others are still working on them, but all of our students are determined to make an impact in something greater than themselves.

THINK BIG. start small. Learn Fast.

The course aims to both current and future entrepreneurs, and also people who want to work for existing startups, as well as other stakeholders involved in leadership and business management, as executives and team management, etc ..

In particular Startup Master course is also indicated to professionals seeking new levels of academic training; feeling the need for recycling with a focus on knowledge and global experience; or aspiring other management positions at their organizations and that require, in addition to professional experience, strong managerial skills.

Total workload : :

Will be 170 hours of course, but how is evolving and constantly updating the workload eventually grow with your suggestions.

Individual course

Available 24 hours a day. Students choose days , times on any internet connected place.


Program with constant updates::

The current program will eventually increase with your suggestions!

In the Startup Master Course you will learn everything you need to get your Startup or work on an existing one:

  1. Business Models, Business Plan, Canvas & Pitches,,
  2. Lean Startup methodology,
  3. Strategic Planning and Competitive Strategies,,
  4. Management ToolS,
  5. Innovation as a strategy,
  6. Digital marketing for the internet,
  7. Programming for Startups,
  8. Soft Skills
  9. Final evaluation mentoring (optional).
  10. View full program.

Get outside: Classes will be on the work you have on the street.

If you are looking for enhancing a specific skill, a school of one specific skill will fit perfectly well, but if you really want to break down barriers, leaving wherever you are working now, do what you want to do, then YOUR PLACE IS HERE ..

Can I receive investments from Startup School?

If at the mentoring, which is optional but already included on this program, we evaluate your project / business model of startup A GRADE we can make contributions in exchange for % of your business, by agreement between the parties. Usually we invest a maximum of up to R$ 100,000.00 in our students .

What is the Mentoring methodology and evaluation?

Each module contains specific topics with online video lessons -by now just in Portuguese - as "Business Models", "SEO" or "How to make a canvas" and experts on these topics offer clear, objective and practical education about it.

At The support area you will find actual examples in addition to real startups videos showing pitches, examples of storytelling, business models etc ...

A Mentoring -OPTIONAL- assessment may be made at the end of your course. It checks in practice Your learning applied to reality. This mentoring is already included in your course investment. It could be either live presential or online, just need to schedule in advance.

Full Startup Master Program


Business Models::How to turn your idea into business model? Models Plans x x Canvas. When to make each one?

Writing a complete Business Plan: Cover. Executive summary. Market analysis. Financial analysis. Operational Plan. Marketing plan. Counterparts. Scenario Analysis. Strategic .SWOT. Conclusion. Attachments.

How to Pitch a winnerWorld Pitches that achieved investments. Brazilian and international Pitches

Business Model Canvas.. Case Nespresso. Blank Canvas sheet to download

It includes decks pitches, Airbnb presentations, Linkedin, Square, Mint among other examples, canvas and worksheets for student use and download

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Module 2 Lean Startup Methodology

Lean Startup Model: The five principles of Lean Startup -Proposição Unica value -UVP. MVP - Minimum Viable Product .- Iteration: Learning and Descobertade customers. - Validation Client Execution: Growth and escalation Pyramid Product / Strategy / Visão.Avaliação results for Startups.Análise Cohort. Split Tests or Tests A / B -Pivoteamento- Metrics Get out of the building !. Building Your Time. How to test your web product. Landing Pages x Home pages. How to Optimize Conversion -CRO. Social Proof. Case studies.

Investing in Startups: BootStrapping. Investment Types. Little Bets Model. Due diligence for Startups.- How to choose your Accelerator? Pre and Post Money Money Valuation - Round A and B

Key metrics: CAC "Customer Acquisition Cost - How to evaluate if the CAC is positive - ARPU - Run Rate?" Execution rate "- Operation Efficiency - Gross margin - Contribution Margin -Revenue Growth Rate" Growth Rate Revenue " - Churn Rate - Burn Rate- Life time Value - AARRR and MVP

Peter Thiel Model: Thinking different. From zero to one.

How to make a winner pitch . Business Model Canvas.

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Strategic Planning: The Competititiva.Porter's 5 Forces strategy. The sixth force. The Chain Value , RBV resources based Vision , VRIO Analysis, Pest Analysis. Golden Circle. Tesla motors Case. Havaianas Case. Ford's Ecosport Case. Maslow's pyramid. Ansoff Matrix / Strategic Choices. Swot analysis with examples of Practical & real cases: Apple, McDonald's, Havaianas, Castrol, Marcopolo. Strategic alliances. Core competences. Vision, Mission and Values. Blue Ocean Strategy. Big Data. Study of real practical cases.

: Sustainability. Sustainability tripod.

Creating Shared Value. Value proposition Canvas .

The Startup Master approach reinforces that management is not only a responsibility of managers, but a responsibility that must be shared by everyone in the organization.

The methodology deals with the processes necessary to optimize the management changes and the development of action plans, from a systemic view of the strategic planning process.

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Goals Management Tools: Balanced Scorecard. OKR methodology.

Management Tools: PDCA. Reengineering. Layout 3.0. Mind Maps. Supply Chain Management. Enterprise performance management. 5W2H. Pareto diagram. BCG matrix. 360 ° analysis of the business opportunity. Market research. Social responsability.

Sales Management Tools: Sales Funnel. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Profile assessment of each vendor. Trading tools. Demand management. Real practical Case Studies

Time Management Tools Matrix GUT. BASIC matrix. Time Management Matrix. Apps

Human resources management Tools: 360 ° Feedback 360 ° analysis. Outsourcing and outsourcing. Downsizing. Management skills - Meritocracy.

Quality management tools: A3 Thinking. Ishikawa diagram. KAIZEN. 5 S. Kanban.

knowledge management tools: Corporate Communications. Business Intelligence (BI). Big Data.

Leadership Management Tools : Golden Circle. What or Why? soon: Rework. Maturity.

Miscellaneous canvas: Business Model Canvas.Customer Journey canvas. BUSINESS MODEL YOU.Startup Canvas. Innovation Management Canvas. Innovation Project Canvas.Splash Evaluation for Startups. Innovation Innovation Canvas.Service Canvas. Canvas 4 change. Service Innovation Model Canvas.Project Canvas.The Product / Market Fit Canvas.Marketing Campaign Canvas.Open Innovation Model Canvas.

EStudy of real practical cases.

Coming soon: Health Management Tools: Safety. Cleanliness and hygiene. Process Mapping. Systemic Analysis tools Incident

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Architectural , radical, incremental and Desruptive innovation.Inovação as a strategy. Crossing the Chasm, theory of innovations diffusion of , Maslow Pyramid..

Black Swan theory . BrainStorming.Co-creation. Funnel ideias.Design Thinking.CoCriação. Hype Cycle.Serendipity

Layout 3.0. Internal layout of the headquarters of YouTube, Dropbox,

Innovation Map. The third wave of technology. The new nature of the products. Study of real practical cases.

New!Tipping Point. Social epidemic. Contagion agents. Case Nissan

Canvas de inovação

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The Long Tail Strategy . Black Swan Event or Black Swan and Startups. Scrum. Sales funnel. Storytelling of power in Internet.Casos Práticos.Como colors affect us. Etinografia. Canvas Day Consumer-Design Thinking. User Experience-UX.

Web evolution. Company X.0 Marketing 3.0. Semantic Web.

Sharing EconomyCollobarative Economy. Uberification. Crowd funding.Modelo Freemium.Gamification. SaaS.

Startups and social media: Social. Ways to boost stakeholder's engajement. types of social media claimants. Millennials and consumer media. social media Explained . Businesses and social media. Social Selling: Sales 2.0.

SEO: Understanding Seo-Search Engine Optimization.

Content marketing & Inbound Marketing.

Conversion: CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization. AB Tests(Split tests). Copywriting . Digital consumer Persuasion techniques. SeoCopywriting- The SEO that works. Leads nutrition (Lead Nurturing,). Dripping. Study of real practical cases.

New! e-Branding.e-Branding. Brand Management. Branding. Perceptive Map. Brand planning. Centrality-Distinctiveness Map. Case Lego: Saved by the fans.

New!Internet of Things.

Coming Soon: optimizing marketing campaigns. Boosting Google Analytics.

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Module 7 Coding for Startups

Programming without programming,: Use of models and templates. Making homepages. Making application prototypes. Making landing pages. Making forms and surveys. Making apps.

Novo! Use of HTML and CSS language fit to make websites The basics of web development with HTML and CSS and create your own website by the end of this course. Putting forms.

Responsive design.: HTML5 .Turning your website responsive in app. Mobile-first methodology

Coming soon: MySQL.Forms with php. PHP is the most popular server-side language and requires the lowest setting.

Coming soon: jQuery: using JavaScript to easily build interactive website. Learn animations, events and DOM manipulations with this course.

Coming soon: JavaScript. Learn to make your own interactive website and build games for your browser.

Coming soon: Ruby on Rails: is a powerful programming language, but also easy to learn, used for professional web applications around the world.

Coming soon: Git, AWS, Heroku, node.js

Coming soon: Python: Learn the basics of programming to build web applications and manipulate data.

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Module 8 Soft Skills

new! PNL Neurolinguistic Programming applied to Startups

What are soft skills?

SSoft skills for the future

Collaboration. Communication and interpersonal skills. Troubleshooting. Time management. Leadership. Negotiation skills. Perception and intuition.

Personal brand. Flexibility. Productivity.

What are paradigms. The power of a paradigm. The change of paradigm. Paradigm based on principles. A new way of thinking. What is NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

Breaking Paradigms in Leadership: What is Leadership. Development qualities of a leader. Self-knowledge, awareness and self-esteem. Management of emotions and conflicts. Dealing with traits of personality. Development teams. Motivation and Interpersonal Relationship. NLP techniques in Leadership

Breaking Paradigms in Communication: Assertive Communication. NLP in Communication (Persuasion - Empathy - Rapport). Psychology of Persuasion and Negociação.Reuniões Effective. 11 Secrets for Effective and Efficient Communication. Communication with Global and Multicultural Teams. Visual presentations. How to improve diction. Public Speaking - The Art of Persuasion.

Breaking Paradigms in Negotiation and Conflict Management: What is Negotiation. Concepts and types. Negotiated Principles. Emotional intelligence in negotiation. The process of negotiation.

soon:Communication Styles.

soon:How to win and give feedback..

Introverts x outgoing. Career development. How to Work in group

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investimento em startup no brasil

In our optional mentoring evaluation, included in the Startup Master Course fee - We'll evaluate your pitch and business model and if we find it to be GRADE A, is possible to make investments in exchange for equity of your company, all by agreement between the parties. We invest in our students because we believe them as well as in our method. And because we want to make money doing cool & profitable things too



equipe Escola de Startup/trader brasil

We used to say "Startup School never ends " because our team is always available to offer you career guidance or introduce you to people you need to know. In addition, our students are invited to networking events, and often we hire our alumni to attend workshops sessions, panels, etc ..


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Semana Global de Empreendedorismo

We have joined Global Entrepreneurship Network 2014.

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