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"The art of restarting is the noblest out there." Flávio Lemos

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." [Benjamin Franklin]

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We want to form a new kind of passionate entrepreneur that make drams and profits come true. The one who Build a business that believes and balances: His Passion, His Strengths and clients needs.


Empower the next generation of entrepreneurs generating increased value for society.


Add Knowledge. Develop skills. Enhance your career. Create, Show and share your value.

Our History Trader Brasil Group

14 years ago, came the Trader Brasil School of Finance & Business with a mission to promote the democratization of Financial Education.

Over the past few years, has become a benchmark in financial education for investors, traders, managers and the entire financial sector in general, and its staff joined of television programs, financial education committees, Federal Government released books as well as the making of certification tests for the financial industry.

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Earlier in 2001, we held only training for corporations such as banks, funds, brokers, assets, pension funds, financial companies such as Petrobras, Nestlé, Vale, Santander and in 2004 after Expo Trader Brazil, an event held in the World Trade Center São Paulo, we decided it was time to also open our courses to individuals.

This was the origin of the company that today is divided in other business activities, such as company valuation, business plan mentoring to startups and financial planning, in addition to the mentioned educational.

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"Exceeded my expectations."

Unique and high degree of Knowledge."

Equipe Escola de operadores investidores trader brasil

Escola de StartUp Team

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Escola de operadores investidores trader brasil Coordenação Flavio Lemos

Flávio Lemos Co founder

+ 55 (11) 2386-4080 | (21) 2524-7788


Escola de operadores investidores trader Professor Flavio Lemos

Flávio Lemos Serial Entrepreneur, UFRJ engineer, web developer, programmer with 25 years of experience, CFP, CMT, MBA, Series 3,4,7 & 24

Linkedin CV Lattes UFRJ Civil Engineer , MBA with finance and capital markets focus- FGV.

As a 12 year old game hacker, was his first experience with Entrepreneurship. At 14 years old he set up an automatic sending faxes program -sort of spam in the grandfather's time e-mail!- for a car shopping reseller even at the time that Timothy John Berners-Lee did not dream of creating the internet.

There never stopped: opened a construction company undertook with telephony actions in the Northeast, worked ina stock broker until he reach the head of trading desk, then he went to work in the US and there when he gave a head butt in the shower, had an Eureka moment like Aristotle: Assemble an live trading show with the best traders of the world. This reality show was a huge success, then he started Trader Brazil the education company and finally to the Startup School were a few more jumps. cat's.

It was a former student of Investment valuation of renowned professor Aswath Damodaran of the Stern School of Business, New York University.

Head of Analysys of

He hold several certifications as Series 7, 24 e 4 of NASD (National Association of Dealers dos EUA), series 3 of NFA (National Futures Association) , CFP®(Certified Financial Planner), CMT (Chartered Market TechnicianMarket Technician Association) and PQO BM&F BOVESPA.

in 2009, a APIMECinvited professor Lemos to join the group of examiners to make the brazilian analyst test for analysts candidates.

In 2011, IBCPF (Instituto Brasileiro de Certificação de Profissionais Financeiros) invited Professor Lemos to be part of the Education comission and embassador of CFP in Brazil.

He is president of MTA Brazil Chapter, and organize regularly events as Trader Day and Expo Trader Brasil.

His book is part of the Oficial recomended by Brazilian analysts Association- APIMEC: “Análise Técnica Clássica - com as mais recentes estratégias da Expo Trader Brasil” lançado pela Editora Saraiva a sold out best seller. He has more 3 books being published right now.

Speaker in several internationa conferences as well as webinars in internet for sites like, Pit e

Published articles on several neespapers as Valor Econômico, Revista Capital Aberto , Pit News Magazine, Jornal do Commércio entre outras publicações, além de diversas entrevistas á Globo News, O Globo, Exame, and many others.

Professor Alan Soares

Alan Soares Coach Trainer, MBA em Marketing Empresarial e Sales 12 years of experience

Alan Soares: "Profit is magic, its lack , tragic.".

Graduated in Foreign trade by UNESA, with Marketing specialization by George Brown College (Toronto-Canadá), MBA em Marketing Empresarial pela UFF, Alan started in the investment world in 2004 is gone and the one responsible for expanding the business area of Trader Brazil Investors School.

Coach certified by the BCI and CCI (Behavioral Coaching Institute and the International Coaching Council), specialized as a coach Financial and Careers.

Professor Leandro Klem

Leandro Klem Investment Analyst, Financial Advisor, Administrator with 10 years of experience & ecirc; INSTANCE MBA in Finance and Serial Entrepreneur

Graduated in Business Administration and an MBA in finance from UFRJ, Leandro Klem is a consultant and securities analyst registered with the CVM and APIMEC.

He's securities analyst with experience in investment analysis and open and private companies.

he was the first technical analyst in Brazil to obtain the certificate the CNPI-T offered by APIMEC. Leandro, is another alumnus of Trader Brazil that comes continue the educational goal of the school.

For 7 years he is commanding the Financial Advisory -for all students and customers-, and has achieved an impressive 80% accuracy using the method Trader Brazil..

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